"Water and water combined transport" helps ensure smooth traffic


2022-10-13 09:16

On May 22, 30 heavy containers lightered from Jining to Taicang Port Terminal were loaded on board and shipped to Southeast Asia by Taicang Ocean "Jiangyuanyao".
Recently, affected by the epidemic situation in Xuzhou, the overland channel for the company's important customers to be transported by truck to Xuzhou for lighterage was blocked, and the shipment of goods was difficult. When Taicang Shipping's "Task Force for Smooth Material Flow" learned of the customer's demand for shipment, it immediately communicated and coordinated with Xuzhou International Container Terminal, studied and discussed the freight problems, and decided to use the resources of integration of consolidation and transportation to transport the empty containers stacked in Xuzhou Jiji Terminal to low-risk Jining area for loading and shipment, so as to ensure the smooth transportation. With the strong support of Xuzhou Jiji, all departments of the company performed their duties and cooperated with each other to transport 30 empty containers stacked at Xuzhou Jiji's wharf to Jining, and then to Taicang Port after loading, and cooperated with the customs to update the customs declaration content. The original "truck barge sea ship" mode was successfully optimized into the "barge barge sea ship" mode of "water water combined transport".
The "water and water combined transport" model is not only a new model for the company to ensure smooth traffic, but also a powerful measure to deeply implement the "canal strategy", providing more options for the company to further develop Xuzhou and its surrounding markets and radiate the vast northern regions.
At present, it is particularly important to ensure smooth traffic.