Taicang Shipping First Achieves Self guiding and Self relying of Hong Kong Ships


2022-10-12 14:22

At 12:30 on January 27, Taicang Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd. was a Hong Kong full container ship“ Jiangyuanyao” The ship sailed smoothly in Taicang Port, and the company realized the self guiding and self berthing of Hong Kong ships for the first time.

In order to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic situation of Neocoronal Pneumonia, further improve the efficiency of port services, and spare no effort to maintain the stability and smoothness of the international logistics chain supply chain, the country has introduced a pilot policy for optimization. With the care and support of Jiangsu Maritime Safety Administration, Yangtze River Pilot Center, Provincial Port Group, Taicang Port Management Committee and other units, Taicang Shipping took the initiative to attack and face the difficulties, and set up a special working group to actively promote the assessment of Hong Kong ships' self diversion into and out of the Yangtze River. Under the specific guidance of the maritime and pilotage departments in Shanghai and Taicang, the company further improved the plan and successfully passed the expert review in Shanghai and Taicang, obtaining the preconditions for Hong Kong ships to self guide into and out of the Yangtze River.

Under the care and guidance of Jiangsu Ocean Shipping, Taicang Shipping actively contacted the management company and the crew company, held meetings for many times, formulated an operation plan on self guided safety, selected senior captains and competent Yangtze River navigation pilots who have entered and exited the Yangtze River for many times, and had strong self guided ability. The excellent pilots of Shanghai Pilot Station provided online professional training for them, and specially trained the company's safety self guided plan for entering and exiting Taicang Shanghai section. Through various efforts; Jiangyuan Yaolun” At 12:30 on January 27, senior captain Xing Linsheng piloted the ship and left the Suzhou Modern Container Terminal of Taicang Port smoothly. The ship sailed south from Changjiangkou to Southeast Asia, realizing a great leap forward for Hong Kong ships of the company to lead and rely on themselves.

This time, Taicang Shipping deeply implemented the self introduction and self reliance“ Strive for Innovation and Excellence” The successful practice of the general tone of work. The company will conduct in-depth analysis and research, summarize experience in time, and supplement weak points to form a reproducible and promotable work plan, so as to accumulate experience for the subsequent realization of self introduction and self reliance in the whole import and export process. We will further improve our political position, do a good job in ensuring smooth transportation, and contribute to the construction of a modern shipping service system with practical actions.


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