The international direct container liner route from Yancheng Port to Busan Port, South Korea has been launched


2022-10-12 14:23

On September 28, the Yancheng Busan Container Liner Line jointly opened by Jiangsu Port Group and Jiangsu Yancheng Port Holding Group successfully made its first voyage. The two sides worked together to develop towards the sea, jointly create a high-quality route, and fully serve to build a new development pattern.

Cao Lubao, Secretary of Yancheng Municipal Party Committee, Wang Xiandong, Deputy Director of Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Mei Zhengrong, Member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Director of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transportation, Gou Fengcheng, Member of the Standing Committee of Yancheng Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Yancheng Municipal Government, Guan Yongjian, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Jiangsu Port Group, Zhou Zhengxiong, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and General Manager of Jiangsu Yancheng Port Holding Group, attended the event and jointly launched the voyage. Dai Wei, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of COSCO Jiangsu, Liu Bing, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of COSCO Jiangsu attended the ceremony.

Yancheng Busan Line is carried by Jiangsu Ocean Shipping Taicang, a provincial port group, once a week. This route not only shortens the transportation time from Yancheng to Busan Port, opens up a new green, intensive, convenient and efficient logistics channel to South Korea, fully serves Yancheng to deepen economic and trade cooperation with South Korea, and constructs an all-round opening pattern, but also echoes and cooperates with the existing South Korean routes of Taicang Shipping, making a positive contribution to deepening the international market and effectively hedging the negative impact of the epidemic.

After the opening of this route, the number of Taicang shipping routes to South Korea has increased to three, improving the service level of the provincial port group shipping sector, further opening the logistics channel between our province and South Korea, and further deepening the international cooperation between China and South Korea to provide assistance. Taicang Shipping will take the opening of the route as an opportunity to further serve the regional port development and the development strategy of the provincial port group, further expand the market, make efforts to stabilize the route, expand the supply of goods, and strive to build the route into a high-quality route with high actual load rate, high standard rate and high satisfaction; At the same time, it will also contribute to the joint development of the provincial port group and Yancheng Port Group in the development of river, sea and river intermodal transport, unblock the coastal area of Yancheng, and the channel from the inland river to the port along the river of the provincial port group, create a logistics network system with sufficient capacity, reasonable structure, smooth connection, and efficient organization, and better service“ Qiangfu Meigao” New Jiangsu construction.