"Two in two with" to build new achievements and unite to ensure smooth flow


2022-10-12 14:26

Taicang Shipping Party Branch carried out in-depth“ Two in two” July 1” In the spirit of the important speech, we firmly responded to the call of the provincial party committee and government, closely focused on the work deployment of the provincial port group and Jiangsu Ocean Shipping, constantly improved the service level and transportation quality, and made every effort to ensure the smooth flow of the logistics chain supply chain. Recently, Taicang Shipping Party Branch won the award of“ Advanced Party Branch of Jiangsu Transportation Industry” And promoted by the excellent performance of over 360000 TEUs from January to August, with a year-on-year growth of about 17%; Two in two” The action of building new achievements has gone deep and solid.

Adhere to the guidance of party building and highlight party spirit cultivation. July 1” Enhance“ the spirit of important speeches; Four Consciousness&rdquo Firm“ Four Confidence&rdquo Do“ Two Maintenance”. Give play to leading cadres“ Key Minority” Focus on the key role of enterprise reform and development and the expectations of the staff, adhere to go deep into the front line, take the lead in strengthening implementation, and further promote“ I do practical things for the masses” Practical activities. We should give play to the role of Party members as model posts, hold "learn from others" activities, deeply understand the spirit of Party building, and consolidate the achievements of Party history study and education. We will strengthen the bottom line of epidemic prevention for Party members and cadres, actively organize and participate in nucleic acid testing drills, and establish a surprise inspection team to improve the scientific epidemic prevention ability of the staff and the emergency response ability of the company.

Adhere to innovative development and improve service capabilities. The branch seized the opportunity to increase investment, actively coordinate and increase the shipping and container capacity, at the same time, strengthen the communication technology empowerment, continuously improve the service quality, accelerate the digital construction, adhere to the principle that iron making must be hard, ensure that we will not fall behind in the complex and unpredictable market environment, and spare no effort to maintain the smooth supply chain of the logistics chain. Make full use of the advantages of multimodal transport resources of the provincial port group, and strengthen cooperation with“ The Belt and Road” Cooperate with shipping enterprises along the line, open up the Suqian Lianyungang inland river barge route, and open up a new channel into the sea from the canal area in northern Jiangsu; Innovation“ Anhui Suqian Taicang Southeast Asia” In the inland river CCA transportation mode, the number of containers in two months of operation exceeded 100 TEU, creating a new growth point for enterprise development; Deeply integrate the overall situation of integrated reform and development, constantly improve the construction of information system, continuously optimize the system and mechanism, promote the integration of shipping resources, and promote the high-quality development of enterprises.

Insist on fighting with all the staff and gather strong joint forces.In order to overcome the adverse effects of the epidemic of Neocoronal Pneumonia, the branch actively mobilized teams and groups to stimulate front-line forces at the grass-roots level. The Sailing Team shall implement precise policies for import and export goods. According to the epidemic prevention and control requirements of each port, one policy shall be implemented for each port. The deadline for export orders shall be moderately relaxed. The team shall focus on the transport of imported dangerous goods, assist in making overall arrangements for the berthing and unberthing time of transit barges, and ensure the implementation of epidemic prevention; The team of riding the wind and waves shall formulate and strictly implement management measures for key groups such as truck drivers according to the actual work; The logistics team set up a temporary commando of party members to update the status of shared goods transportation in real time, strictly control the transportation of dangerous goods in high temperature seasons, and achieve the goal of“ Run safely”; The financial and business teams give full play to the advantages of the number of Party members, speed up the pace of fund payment audit, and realize the settlement of funds“ Pay on demand”, Efficiently complete the statement and settlement work, and pool the strong joint force of epidemic prevention and supply assurance.