Stabilizing foreign trade and ensuring smooth flow -- Taicang maritime innovative logistics channel


2022-10-12 14:30

As a leading offshore container liner enterprise in Jiangsu Province, Taicang Shipping focuses on“ 2+2” Two markets, always based on service“ One Zone and Three Ports” Develop an export-oriented economy and do a good job“ Double cycle” Practitioners.

Since the New Crown epidemic, the port's collection and distribution capacity has been affected to a certain extent, and the foreign trade logistics channel, including maritime transport capacity and land transport capacity, has been greatly impacted, resulting in an increase in the logistics costs of foreign trade enterprises and the obstruction of the original logistics channel. Some foreign trade customers, such as Trina Solar, who have cooperated with us for a long time, have repeatedly hoped that our company would increase new channels and routes to meet their foreign trade export needs. However, due to high ship rent, shortage of idle transport capacity in the market, shortage of our own transport capacity and other factors, it is difficult to develop new routes. To meet the needs of customers, Taicang Shipping has developed new ideas and new channel models. The first is to use the branch network of Ningbo Ocean Nanjing/Taicang Ningbo to exchange and cooperate with Asia Shipping in Ningbo Port, so as to exchange the shipping space of Ningbo Hong Kong/Haiphong with our current first-class Xiamen Thailand route in Southeast Asia. On August 24, the first shipment of 58TEU was completed; The second is to cooperate with Lianyungang Yuzhou Maritime Transportation Co., Ltd. to open up the inland river barge route from Suqian to Lianyungang, connecting our Southeast Asia route. By making use of the advantages of multimodal transport, Haihe multimodal transport channel will be built to solve the problem of trailer difficulty for customers in a timely manner, and a new sea port will be added for the surrounding import and export enterprises.

Through the innovation of new channel mode, Taicang Shipping will continue to provide customers with more high-quality, efficient and customized logistics transportation solutions, and take the integrated development of centralized transportation as its own responsibility to promote the construction of route network.