Give full play to the role of fighting fortress to weave a dense epidemic prevention and control network


2022-10-12 14:33

Recently, many places have occurred cluster outbreaks and continued to spill to other areas, and the situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim. In order to meet the challenge of the epidemic situation and build a strong defense line for people's life safety and health, the Taicang Shipping Party Branch strictly complied with the requirements of the Party Committee of the Provincial Port Group and the Jiangsu Ocean Shipping Party Committee, insisted on making every effort to prevent export, internal expansion and import, and effectively organized and consolidated the epidemic prevention and control network.

We will further improve our political standing and unify our thinking and action.The branch quickly held a special meeting on epidemic prevention and control to convey the spirit of the superiors, and successively introduced a number of measures and methods, making every effort to compact responsibilities and implement detailed measures; Quickly carry out the screening of personnel entering and returning to the Soviet Union from high-risk areas in strict accordance with“ Four Unnecessary&rdquo& ldquo; Six must” In principle, strengthen personnel control; Strictly implement the epidemic prevention regulations, and do a good job in daily killing and temperature measurement, registration of external personnel, inspection of health code and travel code, distribution and storage of epidemic prevention materials, etc.

Further adhere to problem orientation and highlight work priorities.Zhao Zhigang, Secretary of the Party Branch and General Manager“ Four no two straight” By means of surprise inspection of the epidemic prevention and control work of Taicang Operation Center and ship agents, the sensitivity and timeliness of epidemic prevention and control monitoring and information reporting were effectively improved, and the line of defense for epidemic prevention and control was strengthened; The branch shall assign special personnel to closely monitor the prevention and control of ship epidemic, close the management of personnel in high-risk posts, and strengthen the defense line of external defense input; Organize all staff to participate in the emergency drill of nucleic acid testing for all staff in Suzhou High Speed Rail New City, and improve the precision prevention and control capability.

We will further strengthen humanistic care and pool strong joint efforts.The branch shall take measures according to time and events, properly arrange home office workers, keep tracking the status of home office workers, and strengthen psychological counseling; Visit and express condolences to the front-line operators of the ship, present the crew with heat relief materials and epidemic prevention supplies, and fully implement the policy; Two in two” The deployment requirements for building new achievements have gathered a strong spiritual force for epidemic prevention and control.

The CPC branch of Taicang Shipping included the normalization management of epidemic prevention and control into its daily focus, strictly implemented the relevant regulations on epidemic risk control of international navigation ships, effectively established and improved an efficient management mechanism, and formed a closed-loop epidemic prevention and control work. By giving play to its role as a fighting fortress, the Taicang Maritime Party Branch has organized a dense epidemic prevention and control network to further tighten the epidemic prevention and control and safety production responsibilities, ensure that both hands are strong and contribute to the high-quality development of the shipping sector.