Written on the 10th anniversary: wonderful journey, you are lucky to be here


2022-10-13 11:28

Look forward to

Summer is coming, and the tenth anniversary of Taicang Shipping is coming

The torrent of years is binding, you have witnessed my green onion; There are traces of time, you accompany my growth; The story of time flows, and you lead my direction.

Ten years ago, I was full of childishness and inexperience. Thank you for your company and care.

Ten years later, I am full of energy and confidence. I am grateful for your help and support.

Ten spring, summer, autumn and winter, countless days and nights, all the way wonderful, lucky you are here.


A thousand words are less than a word of gratitude

It is the support and help of Taicang Port Management Committee, governments at all levels, port units, and Jiangsu Transportation Holding Group that set up a solid backing for me to wander around in the world, so that I can“ Beginners are not afraid of tigers”;

When I tried to grow up, it was the encouragement and trust of the Provincial Port Group and Jiangsu Ocean Shipping, which made me dare to try and work; Especially since I joined the Provincial Port Group, my growth trend is“ Fast Track”, Strategic guidance and collaborative cooperation have been strengthened, brand building and resource allocation have been optimized, which has broadened the vision, gathered joint forces, and built a "let me“ It's inexhaustible” Resource network of;

In times of adversity, it is the encouragement and maintenance of the majority of customers, laying a solid foundation for me to work hard, so that I can keep expanding and continuous, and stick to my mission and self.

This is a decade that we never forget our original intention and bravely overcome difficulties; This is a decade of innovation and development; This is a decade of looking ahead and sailing!

Ten years ago, a group of brave, selfless and fearless pioneers gathered here. With the ardent instructions of various government departments and competent units, they sounded the assembly call and made a military order to start the hard and unforgettable journey;

Over the past decade, the low-key, pragmatic and hardworking Taicang Seafarers, with the trust and support of customers, have steadily consolidated the foundation of a ship and a line, started a steady way with one box and one cargo, and built an orderly and crisscross route network;

Now, with unprecedented confidence and determination, Taicang Shipping, which is full of energy and courage, is firmly based on the main business, adhering to the supremacy of service, and strengthening the strength of the masses, and stepping into the next decade with heroic momentum.


Recalling ten years of sailing together

Looking forward to the future

The year 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The bright red party flag flutters in the wind and the horn of the times urges people to forge ahead. A new journey opens new hopes, and a new future carries new dreams. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of its founding, Taicang Shipping will focus on the superior deployment, serve the customers, and do its best to help the high-quality development of Jiangsu's port and shipping industry.


Glad to meet, grateful to meet

Grow together and never forget