Learning Party History and Doing Practical Work to Promote Reform


2022-10-12 14:46

In order to solidly carry out the study and education of the Party history, test the achievements of the study and education of the Party history with development effectiveness, further enhance the vitality of the enterprise, enrich the talent team, and strengthen the team building, Taicang Shipping has recently organized the competition for business executives. Dozens of employees participated in the competition, and the middle level and above of the company attended as examiners.

The competition was positively responded by the staff, and the number of applicants reached a new high. The Company has carefully organized and attached great importance to the development of competitive recruitment scheme and strict qualification review in strict accordance with the personnel management system of Jiangsu COSCO.

The competition consists of written examination and democratic evaluation. The written examination focuses on the candidates' job cognition, analysis and decision-making, policy research and other qualities; Democratic evaluation examines candidates' abilities in interpersonal communication, mental outlook, language expression, logical thinking and contingency analysis from the perspectives of competitive interview and democratic evaluation. In the process of competitive recruitment, the upward status of the candidates won unanimous praise from the examiners.

Taicang Shipping adheres to the requirements of Jiangsu Ocean Shipping for talent training, unblocks the development channels, broadens the path of rise, and innovates the working mode, integrating the study and education of the Party history into daily work and team building. In the next stage, the company will closely focus on“ Strive for Innovation and Excellence” The general tone of the work is to enrich the company's reserve force by selecting the best and strengthening the strong, with both ability and integrity as the main standard and personal growth as the main purpose, so as to provide talent guarantee for the sustainable development of the company and the high-quality development of Jiangsu Ocean Shipping.