2020 Chronicle of Taicang Port Container Shipping Co., Ltd


2022-10-12 14:54

On January 16, Taicang Shipping held a customer symposium in 2020.


On January 19, Taicang Shipping held the 2020 annual working meeting.


On January 21, Taicang Shipping signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Lianyungang Port Holding Group Co., Ltd.


On February 14, the company issued a letter entitled "Because of love, we keep watch and help each other" to partners, calling on everyone to work together to overcome the difficulties.


On February 21, the company participated in the regular video conference on integration work held by Jiangsu Ocean Container Transportation Business Department.


On March 8, the company held“ Three Eight” Online celebration of International Women's Day.


From March to April, the company donated masks to the PET Center of Wuhan University People's Hospital and overseas customers for many times.


On April 15, Taicang Shipping held the first quarter work safety meeting in 2020.


On April 16, a delegation led by Chao Yang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Jiangsu Ocean Shipping, came to our company to investigate the progress of the integration of the Container Transportation Business Department.


On April 20, Taicang Shipping successfully completed the first batch of Southeast Asian pitaya import transportation business this year.


On April 28, Taicang Maritime held the 2020 Working Conference on Overall Strict Governance of the Party.


On April 29, the branch of Taicang Marine Corps organized and carried out the“ Safety awareness is in my heart” Thematic knowledge answer contest.


In April, the company organized all employees to donate blood actively to contribute to the epidemic prevention. The company won the honor of "Taicang Blood Donation Office"; Advanced unit of unpaid blood donation in 2020” title.


In April, the operation document team of the company's operation department won the award of“ Jiangsu Provincial and Ministerial Enterprise May Day Women's Pacesetter Post” title.


On May 7, Taicang Shipping held a publicity and implementation meeting on special rectification of production safety.


On May 11, the company successfully completed the first batch of banana import business in Southeast Asia in the history of Taicang Port.


On May 14, Jiangsu Ocean“ Three times and one big” Implementation Inspection Working Group on Taicang Shipping“ Three times and one big” Carry out detailed inspection on the implementation, selection and employment, and brand creation of the Party branch.


On June 5, Taicang Shipping started“ Safety Production Month” Activities.


On June 12, Chao Yang, secretary of Jiangsu Ocean Shipping Party Committee and chairman of the board, went to Taicang for investigation and guidance.


On June 26, Taicang Shipping successfully resumed its fireworks transportation business.


On July 24, the theme party day activity of Taicang Maritime Party Branch and the ceremony of the party branch and grass-roots teams building together were held in the Feng Menglong Memorial Hall.


In July, Xu Huirong, the legal director of the company, was awarded the title of“ 2018-2019 Jiangsu Province Youth Job Master” title.


On August 26, the Party branch of Taicang Shipping held a learning meeting for the party building teams to work together.


On September 3, the kick-off meeting of Jiangsu Ocean Shipping Centralized Transportation Business Department was held in our company.


On September 8, Taicang Maritime held a special safety meeting.


From September 21 to 22, the 4th Transport Informatization Forum and Smart Transport Product Technology Expo was held in Suzhou. Company; Taihai Zhihang” The container management system has successfully entered the exhibition.


On October 21, Taicang Shipping adopted the method of open competition and selective employment, and competed for the appointment of department manager (director) assistant within the company.


On October 22, a delegation led by Yang Xiangming, Secretary of the Party Branch of Jiangsu Ocean New Century Zhangjiagang, came to the company to learn and exchange ideas on the work of party branch building in pairs.


October 25,“ Jiangyuan Happiness” The ship arrives at Hiroshima Port, and Taicang Shipping is newly opened“ Nanjing Taicang Hiroshima” The first flight of the line was smooth.


On October 27, Taicang Marine held a general meeting of all employees.


On November 3, Taicang Shipping“ Jiangyuanrui” The ship actually carried 1450TEU heavy containers to Southeast Asia, setting the company's record of the highest single container volume in the past decade.


On November 26, the Centralized Transportation Business Department held a work promotion meeting in our company.


On December 11, Taicang Shipping successfully passed the supervision and audit of the quality and environmental management system in 2020.


On December 25, Hefei Station of the Integrated Transportation Business Department participated in the construction of our company was officially set up.