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2022-10-13 09:22

Faced with the situation of reduced land transport efficiency, port congestion, and difficult cargo shipment in special periods, Taicang Shipping adheres to the customer, market, and service orientation, uses the four synergies of internal and external, trunk and branch, port and shipping logistics, integrates the service network, develops and improves the "land to water" channel, and fully maintains the smooth supply chain of the logistics chain.
Strong resources
Relying on the provincial port group, Taicang Port Management Committee and other port and shipping forces, it has rich resources. The company has deep and close cooperation with CIMC Donghan, New Century, Tonghai Container and other port shipping enterprises, and can use such lightering resources as "Zhang Tai Chuan Ba", "Jin Tai Chuan Ba", "Run Tai Chuan Ba", "Ning Tai Chuan Ba", "Suzhou Park/New Area Taicang" to strengthen the port dredging capacity of "land to water" and improve the problem of land transportation congestion.
Sufficiency of experience
The "land to water" project has rich experience. The company has repeatedly used the integrated port and shipping resources to promote the "land to water" service, and has cooperated with CIMC Donghan to build a "Dafeng Tinghu Taicang" channel to solve the transportation problems of important customers; Cooperate with container companies to meet the export needs of enterprises in Suzhou Park/New Area; The original Suqian, Huai'an and other places will be towed to Lianyungang Port to transport the goods "from land to water" to Taicang Port, fully supporting the smooth and smooth freight logistics.
Port wide
The company has many offices in inland river basin, Yangtze River basin and coastal areas, which are managed by professionals. The office is highly professional, highly integrated, with domestic and foreign trade, trunk and branch lines, complete functions, and can effectively carry out the "land to water" business.
We will overcome difficulties together through storms. On the basis of strict implementation of epidemic prevention policies, Taicang Shipping actively promoted the "land to water" model to help the logistics chain supply chain to be smooth and help win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.
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