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Booking guide
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Electronic booking instructions
First, the electronic booking site
Second, registered accounts
Submit the registration application and complete the input of the plus sign, which will be used by our system administrators after approval.
Suggestions: Create multiple accounts according to the actual needs of their respective companies.
Third, the booking process

Fourth, function introduction
(I) Customer Maintenance
1. Select "Customer" on the main interface and click Add to open the editing interface

2. Click "Save as draft" or "Save and submit" after completing.

3. Saved successfully, matching internal customer information will be automatically assigned

(ii) Electronic corrections
1. Click “E-Correct” on the main interface and open the query interface. Enter the name of the vessel or booking number and click on the query. The booking that has passed the approval and can be corrected will appear in the list.

2. Select the booking that needs to be corrected. Click "Correction" to open the editing interface.

3. Modify the corrected content in the editing interface and click "Save" to confirm.

(III) Import of packing list
1. On the main screen, click "Packing List Entry", select "Upload Excel", click "Browse" to select the file and upload it.

2. After the upload is successful, it will appear in the list as New. Select the data to be imported and click "Import".

3. The status of the successful import will change to "Success"

(D) EDI booking message upload

1. Select "EDI booking message upload" under the main interface and click "upload"

2. After selecting the file, click on "Upload"

3. After the upload is successful, the status in the list is "Uploaded". After selecting it, click "View Message" to view it. The download message in the lower right corner of the popup window can be downloaded

(V) Download the Electro-Bond Bill of Lading
1. Select “Download B/L B/L” on the main interface, enter the name of the vessel or B/L to search, select a record and click “View B/L” to view it. Select one or more items and click “Download B/L” to download in batches.

If you have any questions, please contact: 0086-512-53670673.