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M/V JOSCO VIEW 1810E/W Delay Notice

M/V JOSCO VIEW 1810E/W Delay Notice

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M/V JOSCO VIEW 1810E/W Delay Notice

Dear Customer:

Due to late shifts on the last voyage, M/V JOSCO VIEW 1809W arrived in Taicang until 0500LT on April 19th. Therefore, M/V JOSCO VIEW 1810E extended to 2359LT on April 19 and left Taicang. The arrival time at the destination port was delayed accordingly. Message as follows:


TAICANG 19th/ Apr 2359LT - NAGOYA 22nd/ Apr - TOKYO & YOKOHAMA 23rd/ Apr - TAICANG 27th/ Apr

We sincerely apologize for the delay in the schedule caused by the above reasons. Thank you for your understanding and support! 

Taicang Port Container Shipping Co., Ltd.

April 20, 2017