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Container export: operation of a full set of documents

Container export: operation of a full set of documents

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The full set of documents for cargo operations is as follows -

I. Documents provided by the owner:

1、Export Power of Attorney

2, export goods list



5. Export license

6. Export verification receipts and tax refund forms

7, customs manual

Second, the freight responsible documents:

1, export ten singles:

First Line: Container Consignment (Consigner) (B/N)

Second Line: Container Consignment Bill (Reserved on the ship's behalf)

Third Line: Freight Notification (1)

Fourth Line: Freight Notification (2)

Fifth Line: Station Receipts (Load Orders) (S/O)

Fifth Copies: Application for Payment of Port Goods for Export Goods

The sixth joint: Grand deputy (a copy of the station receipt)

Seventh: Station receipt (D/R)

Eighth Joint: Freight Forwarding

Ninth Unit: Shipment Receipts (1)

Tenth: Cabin Receipt (2)

2. Bill of Lading (original/copy) (B/LORIGINAL/COPY)/Bill of Lading

1 bill of lading (HOUSEB/L)

2 The total bill of lading (OCEANB/L)

3. Sea Waybill (SEAWAYBILL)

4. Export goods declaration documents:

1 Necessary Documents: Customs Declaration Forms Foreign Exchange Verification Forms Customs Agents Customs Declarations Packing List Invoice Contracts, Letters of Credit

2 Other Documents: Export License Exemption Manual Inspection Certificate of Origin, etc.

5, cargo declaration list

6. Incoming notice

7, set cargo packing list

8, Packing List (CLP)

9. Container Issuance / Equipment Transfer Order Entry / Exit (EIRIN/OUT)