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Introduction of shipping manifest

Introduction of shipping manifest

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- Ship No.: National Unification Sets Fixed Number of Ships

- Voyage No.: The national unit stipulates the voyage number of the ship

--Import date: Enter 8 as the number, the format is year-to-year (YYYYMMDD), must comply with the calendar, otherwise it will not be passed. Enter is the date of the day.

--English name of ship: full name of ship in English

--Chinese name: Chinese name of the ship

-- Total number of bills of lading

- Distribute signs: Enter 1, 2, 3, respectively, that there is a single no goods in stock There is no single arrival of goods in three batches, entering other codes is illegal, it can be empty, the carriage return default is empty;

- Application method: Input 1, 2 and 3 respectively indicate that the network transmission express EDI enters three kinds of declaration methods by hand. It is illegal to enter other codes. It can be empty, and the carriage return default is 1.

-- Application for customs clearance: Enter the code of the four correct customs declarations, according to the "Code for the District Code"

-- Total number of containers: The number of containers shipped on board

- Total number of empty containers: The number of all empty containers carried by the ship

Total number of pieces: Total number of goods

- Total weight: The total weight of the goods, in kilograms, with three decimal places.